Creatively Managing and Resolving Disputes


NEGOTIATION is all about finding out what your interests are. It is not necessarily dispute-driven; my abilities lie in being able to rapidly and efficiently assess your position, gauge underlying issues, needs and ultimately your real interests. I will facilitate a recordable, acceptable outcome that will help you get on with more profitable activities. Often, this simply means having a difficult or facilitated conversation.

My top 5 tips are:

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare! Be your own expert on the negotiation at hand.
  • Get a real handle on your issues and underlying interests; take it a step further and do the same for the other party.
  • Fully come to grips with what your deal breakers are and be prepared to pull the plug if you reach that point.
  • Do not bid against yourself but do not be a demanding concession diva either!
  • Be commercial! The less personal you make your negotiation, the more successful you will be.
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