Creatively Managing and Resolving Disputes

Conflict Coaching

CONFLICT COACHING comes into play where I have assessed that parties are not ready to mediate. I have the proven ability to assist each party, to assess their position, understand their needs and interests, then actively prepare them for the resolution of their dispute. This, in and of itself, may resolve the dispute with little need for further input.

My top 5 tips are:

  • Be bold and ask for help and do not be too proud to take the help that is offered.
  • Ensure you feel comfortable with your coach as the road may have many twists and turns.
  • Understand that you may be blinkered in your view on the conflict and be open to other perspectives; is that alternative scenario even remotely possible?
  • Be willing to do the hard work, drill down to your underlying motivations and be brave when you must go to those places within yourself you have avoided forever!
  • Be optimistic about the outcome even though the future appears bleak.
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