Vasantha Stesin
A seasoned expert with global experience

Why Choose Vasantha?


Although an experienced litigator, my goal is all about avoiding litigation. I don’t just ‘settle’ disputes but focus on your ability to resolve and rise above those disputes. This then allows you to pursue your main objectives.

I offer you a vast international, corporate and legal expertise that has been crafted into a bespoke form of dispute resolution.

My strong track record in helping businesses quickly resolve disputes through any avenue (negotiation, coaching, mediation, arbitration…) avoids onerous & hostile litigation so that your time can be better spent building your business.

How is this achieved? By harnessing my 38 plus years of legal, corporate and international experience and a highly tuned sense of people and human dynamics to help create lasting outcomes and empower you to take back control and move forward.

“Should Australia Sign the Singapore Convention on Mediation?”

Dr Alan Anderson, Professor Khory McCormick and Professor Rajesh Sharma provide their views in a session sponsored by the Resolution Institute, VADR and the VicBar and hosted by Pitcher Partners on 31st October 2019

Arbitration Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Vasantha Stesin spoke at the National Mediation Conference 2019 on 17th April, 2019 (NMC 2019, 15th-17th April)

Vasantha Stesin spoke at the National Mediation Conference 2021 on 11th September 2021, (NMC 2021, 9th-11th September)

Panel Member of Asian International Arbitration Centre

Fellow of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Vasantha Stesin
A seasoned expert with a global perspective