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Stesin Legal provides mediation services to help you solve and deal with conflicts.

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Impartial and Trained Mediator

Mediation is the opening line of communication between you and the other party with the assistance of trained mediators in a safe environment.

Stesin Legal, is committed to offering mediation services to help you and the other party reach an agreement!

The nationally accredited mediator enables you to:

  • Be listened to
  • Understand the other person’s point of view
  • Reach an agreement acceptable to both of you
  • Take control of the situation


Moreover, services at Stesin legal includes commercial, workplace, court mandated, panel, commission and statutory based areas. Get in touch now!

Vasantha Stesin is committed to helping you reach an agreement


Quick an Efficient Mediation

Stesin Legal helps individuals and businesses resolve disputes quickly, confidentially and cost-effectively!

Our highly qualified and experienced mediator will:

  • Find out what the pressing issues are
  • Ask questions and discuss the various perspectives
  • Help you explore all the available choices
  • Ensure that you and the other party are both clear about what is being agreed upon


Vasantha Stesin manages the whole process and ensures the discussions runs smoothly. Additionally, Vasantha also conducts mediations by appointment either through a referral from legal practitioners or independent organisations. Get in touch!

Vasantha Stesin ensures the discussions run smoothly


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