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Based in the Melbourne CBD, Stesin Legal offers arbitration services to a wide range of clients by appointment!

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Arbitration is a formal form of alternative dispute resolution whereby an arbitrator acts as the nominated third party and reaches a resolution that is binding for both parties.

At Stesin Legal, our arbitrator brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every case. Vasantha Stesin understands how distressing disputes can be, which is why she aims to resolve your dispute quickly and as favorably as possible.

Rest assured, Stesin will reach a sound decision that is grounded in an independent, objective and thorough analysis of all proof provided.

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Rather than taking a straightforward, unfair dismissal or a flexible claim to the tribunal, the arbitration scheme enables both parties to submit evidence. From there, the arbitrator will analyse the proof provided and reach an impartial decision about the case.

Stesin Legal is a renowned arbitration provider. Through a strong network of ADR professionals, Vasantha Stesin delivers top-quality arbitration services designed to meet the needs of each client.

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